5 Whys and Hows of Shopping a Farmers Market

May 23rd, 2021

Have you ever shopped at a farmers’ market? It’s a great alternative to your typical supermarket trip, and not to mention a great spring and summer outing in the local community!

If you’ve never been to one, here are a few healthful reasons to consider them for your food needs, and tips for how to shop them.

Why shop a farmers market:

  • Fresher and more quality fruits and vegetables in vivid colors — which means better taste and more nutrition inside every bite.
  • Greater variety. You’ll often find unique produce that you can’t get at the average grocery store.
  • Less processed with fewer pesticides, antibiotics, and other harmful toxins than what you would typically find at a grocery store.
  • Whole foods: Local, organic and more environmentally friendly. It takes fewer resources to transport them and reach your plate, and they are more likely to not be genetically modified. That also means it will look different and not be as perfectly shaped.
  • Affordable. Similar quality organic foods in supermarkets cost a lot more. The produce is a better value at a farmers’ market considering the added benefits of more nutrition, variety, and quality.

How to shop a farmers market:

  • Bring cash and take your own bags or cart.
  • Know the tips of saving money…
  • Consider more “imperfect produce” which may have deeper discounts.
  • Buy more (especially if something’s a good deal) and consider freezing.
  • Rainy days = less crowds and more deals.
  • Go early to beat the crowd and get the best pickings, or go late to get the best deals.
  • Talk to the farmers. Get to know their farming practices, and get free tips on storing and preparing the food.
  • Walk around and get a sense of the deals and availability before making your choices. This can help you avoid over-buying.

All that said, consider a farmer’s market trip this summer to enjoy all of those great fruits and veggies that keep you fit and healthy like berries, peaches, plums, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans, spinach and more.

See you at the market!


By: Katie Talarico