About Us

The Fit and Food Connection (FAFC) offers people living in food and fitness deserts access to free nutritious food, physical activities, educational workshops, and personal coaching to encourage and support healthy living.

The Fit and Food Connection (FAFC) provides healthy living resources through nutrition and physical fitness to families in need.  This is provided to encourage participation across the broadest possible spectrum of economic levels in northern St. Louis.

Since 2015, FAFC has provided assistance to bring food and fitness together with group and individual fitness classes, nutrition programs, emergency groceries, food pantry, and community gardening opportunities. The connection of food provision, lifestyle programming and coaching, and education is a dynamic solution to address general poverty's impact on health.

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The Fit and Food Connection Co-Directors

Joy Millner

Joy Millner is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. She has been exercising and teaching fitness for over 25 years. Joy got her high school education in St. Louis, Missouri, then attended the University of Texas at Austin to receive her degree in business and marketing. Joy is passionate about empowering individuals to feel healthier and more confident.

Gabrielle Cole

Gabi was born and raised in St. Louis City, Missouri. She moved to Chicago after high school to study Political Science at DePaul University. She later returned and obtained a Master of Science in Non-Profit Management from Fontbonne University, and continues her Ph.D. work at Capella University. Gabi originally founded The Food Place within her community, and continues to teach and implement the importance of good health and nutrition through her volunteer work.