In the News

In the News

The Fit and Food Connection has been featured on TV, in print, and on the radio. Browse the list below to find the latest!



Gabbi and Joy Interview (Watch Here)
Newsmax America Right Now, Janauary 2021

Getting back on track with health goals during the pandemic (Watch Here)
Fox 2 News, December 2020

Recipe of the Day: Healthy Slow Cooker Crustless Apple Pie À La Mode (Watch Here)
KSDK, December 2020

Fit and Food Connection Opens New Food Pantry in St. Louis County (Watch Here)
KMOV, June 2018

The Spirit of St. Louis – The Fit and Food Connection (Watch Here)
Fox 2 News, March 2018

Fit and Food Connection Fundraiser (Watch Here)
Fox 2 News, February 2018

Fit Family Week (Watch Here)
KSDK, January 2018



The St. Louis American, June 2019 (View Article)

St. Louis Post Dispatch, September 2018 (View Article)

St. Louis Public Radio (NPR), June 2018 (View Article)

Riverfront Times, June 2018 (View Article)

Ladue News, June 2018 (View Article)

St. Louis Magazine, July 2017 (View Article)



Hubbard Radio (KSHE 95, 105.7 The Point, 106.5 The Arch, 92.3 WIL, 101 ESPN), December 2020 (Listen on Soundcloud Here or on any Hubbard website)

Thirty minute interview with Joy about Fit and Food, the COVID-19 pandemic, and holistic wellness.

WISER Conversations, July 2020 (Listen Here)

Joy and Gabi were on Missouri Cures: WISER Conversations with Dena Ladd, Executive Director of Missouri Cures Education Foundation. This podcast promotes and explores the work of women in science, entrepreneurship and research.

The Dietitian Against Diets Podcast, April 2020 (Listen Here)

Get Real to Heal, December 2019 (Watch the Interview Here)