Benefits of More Daylight

March 24th, 2021

It’s well known that the more sunshine there is, the happier people tend to be. But why? There are many reasons:

  • Natural light helps keep our circadian rhythm in check. When it’s dark, that tells our bodies it’s time to be sleeping, and when it’s light out, our bodies are meant to be working. This is why it can feel so much harder to motivate yourself in the winter when it gets dark so early.
  • Natural light signals to our body to produce more Vitamin D which helps us develop strong bones and better immunity
  • Natural light decreases the effects of depression by increasing the levels of serotonin, a “happy” hormone” that our body produces

Tips to Maximize Daylight

  • Get outside in the morning
    • Getting outside in the morning wakes up the brain by letting it know it’s daylight
  • Sleep with your blinds partly open to let in some natural light
    • The rising of the sun is a great way to subconsciously gradually wake your brain up instead of being jolted out of sleep by your alarm
  • If you’re feeling tired, go outside or look out a window
    • Instead of reaching for a 3pm snack, try a quick 10 minutes walk outside to get your energy up. Chances are the movement and the sun will give you much more energy than any food can
  • Allow more natural light into your house
    • Sometimes we have to be inside and that’s okay. Make an effort to let more light into your house by opening blinds or avoiding working in rooms that are dark or windowless for long periods of time. This will not only boost your mood, but could also save you money on electric by not having to use as many lights

***Important things to remember:

  • While it’s great to be outside soaking in the benefits of natural light, it’s also important to protect yourself. This means wearing sunscreen and sunglasses. You can reap the same benefits of sunlight while in the shade or by going out at times where the sun is not at its harshest.
  • The effects of natural light are present even when it’s cloudy or even raining


By: Cassie Zehenny