Breakfast and Bootcamp with Urban Harvest

On October 1st, Urban Harvest hosted the Fit and Food Connection for a Breakfast and Bootcamp event on their Food Roof garden, to raise funds for our organization. We filled the rooftop garden with 25 people ready for a great time! Tickets for this event were $15, and all of the proceeds went directly back into our organization, to provide health and fitness resources to those in need. The event was a great success for our organization, and it was fun for everyone!



We kicked things off with an invigorating work out, lead by Co-Director Joy Millner, on the Food Roof. The workout consisted of a quick warm up, a fast paces cardio portion, a little bit of strength exercises using resistance bands, and a cool down. The workout was a good challenge for participants, but was still beginner friendly!

After the workout, it was time for a feast! Urban Harvest was kind enough to prepare a breakfast for all of our participants. We enjoyed yummy frittatas, filled with fresh veggies straight from Urban Harvest’s amazing rooftop garden! We also enjoyed fresh fruits and other healthy treats.


During the breakfast, attendees were able to socialize and learn about the Fit and Food Connection and enjoy the amazing atmosphere and view from the Food Roof. This was a great opportunity for our organization to reach a new audience and share our mission. Attendees were able to learn where their $15 ticket price went, and how we are changing lives and creating a healthier St. Louis. We set up an table with information, allowing people to learn more and take home brochures on our cause and organization.



This Breakfast and Bootcamp event wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of Urban Harvest, supplying an amazing venue and a delicious breakfast! A big thank you goes out to Urban Harvest and all of our attendees for helping us to make this event a success! We are looking forward to putting together similar events in the future! For all upcoming events, visit our Events Calendar and make sure to Like us on Facebook to stay in the loop!