4 Easy Light Lunch Ideas

Need some easy light healthy spring lunch ideas that help you get more vegetables in your diet? Here’s your go-to light lunch menu for this spring. These light lunch ideas take just a few...

A person eating mindfully

All About Mindful Eating

What is mindfulness and mindful eating?

Mindfulness describes a healthy state of mind when we pay attention and are aware of ourselves and the world around you without judgment. Mindful...

Valentine's Dinner

Valentine’s Dinner for 2

Date night dinners are often associated with expensive and fancy meals, when, in reality, they don’t need to be either of those things! What makes a date night special is intentionally setting...

Prepped meals in fridge.

10 Easy Ways to Meal Prep in Less Time

With the New Year upon us, it’s common to make the resolution to “eat better” or “get healthy”. But in order to achieve a resolution like this, it’s important to have tangible actions...

Gingerbread cookies.

Healthy and Happy Holiday Tips

The holidays are meant to be a time filled with joy, but sometimes the stress of fitting everything in and balancing celebrating with taking care of ourselves can be overwhelming. Here are some...

Bacon Spinach Egg Cup

Bacon Spinach Egg Cups

A delicious low carb breakfast bacon spinach egg cup with crumbles of feta in every bite. You'll love this healthy make-ahead breakfast that's packed with protein and takes just 30 minutes to...

Fruit filled Drink

Festive Summer Drink

These fun drinks are the perfect way to keep yourself hydrated during the hot days of summer!

All you need is a couple of ingredients and an ice cube tray.


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