Couples Workout

February 17th, 2021

Couples Workout

Exercise can be that much more motivating when we do it with our significant other. It’s like having a “built-in” accountability partner who can encourage you in your fitness routine. Plus, it’s a win-win: you both get healthier and can enjoy one another’s company. You boost your bond and your body with these couples workouts!


Where should you start?

Set a common goal. Consider whether you both want to bond and talk over exercise, enjoy yourselves and have fun, compete and challenge one another, explore new places, stretch your body to new limits and/or de-stress with a mind/body workout.


What’s the best time?

Determine the best time for you to exercise together. Is there a time at least once a week that you could set aside to exercise together?


Pick an activity!

Here are some workout ideas for you and your partner to do together:

● Take a run/jog or compete over sprints

● Go for a walk in the neighborhood or park

● Go ice skating

● Take a bike ride

● Lean against one another’s back and do a seated squats

● Have a plank holding contest

● Stretch

● Try yoga

● Take a weekend hike in the woods

● Take a Fit & Food Connection workout class together

● Compete with each other in a circuit workout

● Go dancing – salsa dancing is especially a workout!

● Play a sport you both like (volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, etc.)

● Go canoeing or kayaking

● Lift weights


If your relationship could use something different and more exciting to do these days, and you still want to work on those fitness new year’s resolutions, some of these couples workouts could be just the solution for you this year!

Who knows? It might just add a little more spice to your love life and tone you up in the process!


By: Katie Talarico