Dreading Your Annual Physical? Try Mike and Marie Wiese’s Approach

Mike and Marie Wiese joined a GroupFit class and as a result got great news at their annual physical.

When Mike and Marie Wiese went in for their annual physical this year, their doctor was surprised, in a good way. When he saw their test results, their numbers were very good. “If the numbers were supposed to be high they were high,” says Marie, “and if they were supposed to be low, they were low.” Across the board, they got great results. Their doctor told them that it was rare for him to see two healthy adults Mike and Marie’s age. He told them to keep up what they were doing. What they’d been doing, for more than a year, was attending the Fit and Food Connection’s (FAFC) GroupFit class and applying what they learned.

Maintaining Fitness After Retirement

Until about two years ago, they each had jobs that required them to lead active lifestyles. Mike was a mail carrier and Marie worked at a register. After retirement, their activity levels plummeted and their weight started to creep up. It didn’t help that Mike loves to eat and Marie, though a pickier eater, loves sweets. Though they tried different forms of exercise, nothing was sticking.

About a year ago, Mike and Marie joined the Fit and Food Connection’s Monday night Group Fit class, led by Joy Millner, FAFC’s founder. Under Joy’s guidance, they get a full workout that including stretching, intervals and core work, followed by nutritional education and a snack. Though the class always contains the same basic elements, “it’s not the same every Monday night,” says Mike. Joy “mixes it up, and we feel it later,” he adds.

Moderation + Variety = Great Results At Their Annual Physical

The class, both say, has changed their lives for the better. Joy recommends moderation in all things related to fitness and “Joy knows what she’s doing,” says Mike. Each has lost weight, Mike 18 pounds and Marie 22. (And of course, there are the test results that made their doctor so happy.) Marie, who had knee pain after years of standing at a register, says her knees now feel better. They now exercise regularly, and have also expanded their repertoire – taking exercise bands with them when they travel and visiting the hotel gym, “something we never would have done before,” says Marie.

Their eating habits have also been transformed. Mike, a guy who loves to eat, used to have four or five plates when he visited a buffet, but those days are over. He chooses a moderate amount and makes sure to include fruit and vegetables. Marie still enjoys sweets, but she’s found that she can be satisfied with a small portion. She’s also discovered new ways to incorporate vegetables and fruit into her diet.

You can join Mike and Marie in Joy’s Monday Night GroupFit class, one of the Fit and Food Connection’s other fitness classes (Mike and Marie recommend Pilates) or join a nutrition seminar. A moderate, consistent approach led to big changes for Mike and Marie; join them and you too can surprise your doctor at your next annual physical!