FAFC’s Empowerment Certification

March 23rd, 2017

The Fit and Food Connection's new Empowerment Certification rewards our low income recipients to make smarter choices about their health.

The Fit and Food Connection has been working to make lives healthier in Northern St. Louis City and County since 2013. We provide healthy living resources to low income families who live in food deserts throughout the area.

Focusing on the importance of both fitness AND nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle, we have rolled out our Empowerment Certification in early 2017 to reward our recipients for making healthy lifestyle changes and meeting their health goals.

This brand new program gives recognition to those complete at least four of our requirements – based entirely on what the individual’s goals are! Our requirements provide a healthy mix of the Fit and Food Connection’s five programs: Food Assistance, Organic Food Garden, Group Nutrition Seminars, Group Fitness Classes, and One-on-One Coaching.

Our Empowerment Certification is a great way for new recipients of our services to learn about other aspects of our organization. With a 60-day time frame to complete the requirements, this is also a great way to kick-off acheiving the individual’s goals!

At the start of the program, the individual fills out a fact sheet with a Fit and Food Connection volunteer. This sheet outlines the recipient’s goals and helps to prioritize how they should be met. The individual has 60 days to complete four of the following requirements:

  • Attend one FAFC Nutrition Seminar
  • Complete five personal workouts
  • Complete two weekly nutrition goals provided by FAFC
  • Complete one full week of food prep
  • Attend three FAFC Group Fitness classes
  • Cook three healthy meals provided by FAFC
  • Reach two of their individual health goals from their fact sheet

So far, we have awarded Empowerment Certifications to 12 of our program recipients! The Empowerment Certification has been a great tool to motivate individuals to meet their health goals and live happier, healthier lives.

Delores Sawyer received one of the first Fit and Food Connection Empowerment Certifications. She has been attending FAFC co-founder Joy Millner’s classes since the very beginning and has been very active in our programs. She has seen some great results!


Delores Sawyer smiling and holding up her Empowerment Certification from the Fit and Food Connection.


“I have enjoyed the classes, seminars on healthy foods, and especially the healthy foods after class! I have high blood pressure, and since I’ve been with the Fit and Food Connection, my dosage has been lowered. I’m more healthy than ever!”

Delores is one of the many recipients of our programs that has seen drastic improvement in her health. She has learned so much about the impact that fitness and nutrition can have on each other – and on all other aspects of your life!

“I would recommend everyone to come out and just try the many programs the Fit and Food Connection has to offer, and you will not realize how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself with Joy!”

To learn more about the Fit and Food Connection’s five programs or the newly established empowerment certification, please contact us.

You can help low income families in St. Louis live their best lives by donating to the Fit and Food Connection. All donations directly benefit low income families receiving healthy food assistance, nutrition education, or fitness consultations.

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