GiveSTL Day

Come change lives with us


Ever thought about what people mean when they say April showers bring May flowers? In order for those beautiful blooms to blossom, they need to be nourished by rain. Without that help, none of spring’s vivid color would be possible.

Non-profit organizations are the same way. They do wonderful work in their communities, but can only fulfill their missions if they have the resources they need to operate. In St. Louis, we don’t just talk about nurturing the soil; we help provide for non-profits through a special event, GiveSTL Day.


GiveSTL Day is a yearly fundraising event, held this year on May 2. On that day, people can visit, and donate to St. Louis non-profits of their choice, including the Fit and Food Connection. These donations make a vital difference in the regional community; last year alone, GiveSTL Day raised $2.135 million for 820 nonprofits.

We’d like to ask you, as a friend of FAFC, to consider donating to the Fit and Food Connection during this year’s GiveSTL Day. Your donations are what allow FAFC to continue offering nutrition and fitness programs to low-income St. Louis residents. Thanks to your help, we can continue to offer yoga classes, community gardens, classes on healthy eating, and so much more to help people in their fitness journeys.










Even the smallest donation helps—if everyone gave just $10 to FAFC, we would be able to increase our community presence, and the number of people we can assist, all without breaking your bank! Have in mind that all your donations are tax deductible.

Online donations can be scheduled starting April 2, to be made on May 2. Feel free to go to to learn more about the event, or contact us for more about the Fit and Food Connection’s work. Thank you for helping make our flowers bloom!