Healthy Giving Fundraiser Update

In July 2016, the Fit and Food Connection began it’s Healthy Giving Fundraiser campaign. Each quarter, we are choosing one or two families to provide all of our services to for free. The chosen families are generally a family that participates in our Food Assistance program, but has not experienced any of our fitness programs. This campaign is a great way to get our featured families healthier by receiving both nutritious food and personalized fitness advice at the same time.

Ms Francis TestimonialSo far, we have raised $210 for our Healthy Giving fundraiser. This money goes toward providing healthy foods to our featured families. These donations also go towards funding our one on one consultations and group fitness programs, which these featured families are participating in. We are also providing unique learning opportunities and extra services just for our featured family each month. This quarter, our families have received a healthy grilling lesson in July and school supplies in August. If you would like to donate to our Healthy Giving Fundraiser, please visit our Go Fund Me page.

Ms. Francis Reed is one of our featured participants this quarter. She has been receiving Fit and Food Connection services for almost two months now. She lives in North St. Louis city, and is a breast cancer survivor. She wants to share her story and inspire everyone in the community to get healthy. She truly believes that it is possible to get healthy despite a low income. The Fit and Food Connection is excited to help her meet these goals and provide an example for others in her neighborhood.

Ms. Francis heard about the Fit and Food Connection through another patient at Wash U School of Medicine for a breast cancer follow up. Before she began receiving Fit and Food Connection services, she had goals to lose around 40 pounds now that she is finished with chemo therapy. She hoped to get physically stronger overall, especially in her legs.

After receiving Fit and Food Connection services for almost two months, Ms. Francis has successfully lost over 6 pounds! She also has improved energy levels and feels stronger overall. In these past two months, Ms. Francis has received weekly food delivery from the Fit and Food Connection. Each week we provide fresh, healthy foods to supplement the rest of her groceries. We have also met one on one to provide weekly food prep assistance, nutrition consultations, and grocery shopping trips. To top it all off, we have been working with Ms. Francis one on one to help her meet her fitness goals with home exercise sessions.

All of this is possible because of the generous donations to our Healthy Giving Fundraiser that we have been receiving. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has provide donations to support our featured families! If you would like to support out Healthy Giving Fundraiser, you can make a donation on our Go Fund Me page.


Ms Francis Reed