June Challenge: Get Outside Every Day!

May 23rd, 2021

The summer weather is here and that means there’s plenty of things to do outside — many of which can keep you healthy physically, mentally, and socially.

Why go outside? Getting outdoors for at least 15-20 minutes each day is not only great for our Vitamin D levels, but it also brightens our mood and can give us a deeper sense of relaxation from the daily stressors of life.

Here are some ideas for healthy things to do outside this month:

  • Take a walk or job in the park or around the neighborhood.
  • Go swimming in a nearby lake or river for the afternoon.
  • Borrow a bike or buy a used one, and take a bike ride.
  • Play with your friends or family — like baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc.
  • Visit a nearby playground with your kids and have fun with them.
  • Do yoga or stretching outside.
  • Take your virtual Fit and Food workout outside.
  • Go meditate on a bench amidst bright summery scenery (trees, flowers, sunshine, etc.).
  • Quietly reflect or read a library book in a quiet spot outside. Maybe bring a journal.
  • Do something creative outside — like painting, sketching, a craft, take photos, etc.
  • Visit a free zoo.
  • Find free outdoor concerts or entertainment to give you some leisure time.
  • Go fishing (borrow poles from someone if needed).
  • Connect with friends in your driveway or on a front porch — even if just by phone and enjoy the company.
  • Start a vegetable garden, or contribute to a community garden like Fit & Food’s.
  • Visit a farmers market and make a morning of choosing healthy foods for your week.
  • Have a healthy lunch picnic.
  • Take your morning coffee or breakfast outside and watch the sunrise.
  • Grill out a healthy dinner in the park like ground chicken burgers with grilled veggies or grilled romaine salad.

There are so many outdoor options in the days of summer that keep us healthy holistically in our bodies, minds, and social connections. This month, enjoy every minute of that sunshine and challenge yourself to get outside each day in healthful ways.


By: Katie Talarico