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Not everyone in St. Louis has healthy food readily available.  Imagine for a moment going to the  grocery store and the produce section is the smallest section in the store AND all of the produce is brown and over ripe.  Imagine that you would like to go to a fitness class, but the closest one is half an hour away and is more than you can afford.  This is every day reality for many people living in St. Louis!  The Fit and Food Connection offers people living in food and fitness deserts access to free nutritious food, physical activities, educational workshops, and personal coaching to encourage and support healthy living.  With your gift of just $5 a month or more, you can help make a difference by giving the gift of healthy living.

Choose your monthly gift amount:

$5/month pays for one Group Nutrition Seminar for 20 people

$10/month pays for one person to take a Group Fit Class for a year

$25/month pays for One-on-One Coaching for a year

$50/month feeds a family of four for a year

$100/month pays for a plot in our Organic Garden providing food for 65 people

Any amount you choose!

Thanks to some of our donors for helping us create smiles and healthy clients!