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Our volunteers come from all over St. Louis, the United States, and the world. Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers that creates all of the smiles. Come join our cause and change lives with us.

Volunteer Interview: Emily Kuhn

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How did you get involved with Fit and Food and how long have you been a volunteer for this organization?

I was looking for a way to give back and saw an advertisement on Volunteer Match. I needed something that was flexible and that could be done from home as I was home with my young children. I live in Southern California and have actually never been to St. Louis (my grandmother was born there though!) but I was interested because the work that Joy and Gabi are doing appealed to me.  As a mother with young kids, I had been out of the workforce for a few years and wanted to brush up on my skills while helping others so it was a perfect fit! I started volunteering in January 2016, so it's been four years and I just love it!

What do you do for the organization?

I mostly write grants.  I work closely with Gabi writing and researching grant opportunities for the organization.  I also help with writing reports after a grant has been received by FAFC and any special projects that may come up.

Why is the work that you and Fit and Food are doing so important? How is it impacting people's lives?

I think the work I am doing is important because it helps bring in funding to support all of FAFC's wonderful programs! Over the last four years, the organization has grown so much and so there is a huge need for more money to fund the growing programs (food, staff, supplies, etc.).  Even though I live so far away, it is amazing to see the growth and change that FAFC has experienced and how many more people FAFC is serving.

How has being a volunteer impacted your life?

Being a volunteer has helped ground me and put my life in perspective.  I have met so many wonderful people through volunteering. All are the kindness and most giving people and being around them makes strive to be a better person.

Anything else inspiring you would like to say about Fit and Food and your experience with it?

Working with Gabi and Joy has been such and amazing and enjoyable experience.  Their positivity and kindness is contagious and they inspire me to want to continue to help others and volunteer.  In fact, I started volunteering at a food bank in my own community as a result of my experience working with Gabi and Joy.  I see myself continuing to volunteer with the FAFC for many years to come!