March Challenge: The 8-Step Spring Cleanse

March 25th, 2021

Don’t you love to air out your home at this time of year after the long cold months? I know I do. It’s the season for spring cleaning. Why not also cleanse your body with healthy habits this spring?

Here’s your spring cleanse plan for making you body feel healthier, more energized, and ready for a happy, hopeful spring:

● Eat healthy proteins such as legumes, nuts, seeds, and lean sources (chicken, turkey, fish) throughout the day. Healthy proteins are critical sources of energy for our bodies!

● Boost your fruits and veggies, and expand the colors you eat. Fill half your plate for lunch and dinner with them, and aim for at least 5 servings. Eat a range of colors because different colors of fruits and veggies nourish you with different types of nutrients.

● Hydrate. Reduce the soda or sugary drinks, alcohol, and extra cups of coffee. These drinks aren’t properly hydrating your body, and may make you more thirsty or lethargic as the day goes on. Aim to drink half your body weight in oz of water a day.

● Snack smarter. Carrots and celery, some olives, a piece or fruit, a handful of nuts, whole grain crackers, half an avocado, or a plain yogurt are all better options and fuel your body for optimal energy. Ditch those chips and sweets!

● Move more outside. Get outside in the sunshine and increasingly nice weather. Take a walk, jog, ride a bike, do some yoga, or do any other movement that interests you. Moving outside will feel more exciting, plus you get a healthy dose of vitamin D!

● Adopt a new stress management habit. Meditate on blooming nature in your midst, rise early and reflect or do some deep breathing as the sun comes up, or read outside — just two ideas of many that you could do to de-stress this spring.

● Shift to a healthier, hopeful mindset. Move away from any “muddy mindsets” that aren’t serving you or keep you stuck in certain bad habits. Instead, engage in habits that spur hopeful feelings and thoughts (e.g affirmations, positive self talk, meditating, etc.).

● Clean up your sleep habits. Going to bed at inconsistent times? On technology til bedtime? Not taking time to relax in the evening? Aim for consistent bedtimes, limited screen time and a relaxation practice before bed for better sleep.

May these spring healthy habits cleanse your mind and body for optimal well-being!


By: Katie Talarico