Group Nutrition Seminars

Group Nutrition Seminar

Group Nutrition Seminars

Group Nutrition provides seminars on a variety of topics, including cooking demonstrations, mindful eating, grocery shopping education, food preparation, small changes that yield big results, eating fast food the healthy way, and much more. They strive to educate individuals on how to live a healthy, balanced life. 375 individuals received nutritional guidance from the Fit and Food programming in 2018. In 2020, there were 151 unique Group Nutrition classes put on to provide our community members with nutrition educational resources for their wellness journeys.

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“All classes have in one way or another impacted my life and my family is also benefiting from it. I've taken some of the online exercise classes, tried new recipes, worked on my time management, and even practiced self-care and
meditation. Since I've started this journey, I've lost 16.4 lbs, my cholesterol and triglycerides have improved and now I can do a 5K in about 55 minutes compared to 1hr 5 minutes.”

-Client Sara

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The Fit and Food Connection is always looking for talented volunteers to help out with all of our programs. Find out how you can make a difference with the Group Nutrition program by volunteering to help instruct or assist at a seminar, or by donating to the Group Nutrition Program. For more information regarding this program, please contact us.