Group Fitness Classes for Families

The Fit and Food Connections offers group fitness classes to those in need and who would most benefit from this service. These classes are for individuals of all ages who are in good physical condition. We offer a variety of classes, and the schedule is often changing, so please contact us or check our calendar of events for more information on classes and schedules.

Joy's Kick Off Your Week Workout!

Mondays | 5:30 PM | Believers Temple, 2115 Chambers Rd., St. Louis, MO 63136

Instructor: Joy Millner, FAFC Co-Director

Our evening cardio class has been available since the Fit and Food Connection's start in 2013. This full-hour class provides a challenging boot camp style interval workout that can be modified for all levels.

Each workout will be followed by a small snack. The workout consists of a combination of breathing, stretching, interval training, core work and motivational thinking.

Group Fit members.
Group Fit members exercising.

Other Classes Also Available!

The Fit and Food Connection offers various classes throughout the month, which are not held on a regular basis. Please visit the Events Calendar for an updated schedule for this month!


“You know what, I think my favorite part is just working out with other women who have the same interests that I have. I have made a lot of friends here, and it’s a nice experience to just unwind and to talk and just fellowship with people who are trying to do the same thing. We’re all trying to lose weight, and we encourage each other, and we just have a real fun time. So, I think I really like it for, not only the exercise part, the food part, but I have made a lot of great friends here."

"[Joy] shows you that you don’t have to work out, 2 or 3 hours to get results. We only do cardio about twenty minutes, and then we do a couple of floor exercises. And she gives you different things to try at home. I have really, since I have been coming to Joy for… I’d say the last year and a half, I have really begun to get serious, and see that if I eat healthy, if I do these little, short cardio things that she gives us, that I can really get results. And I don’t really get burned out because she is always doing something different.”

-Maxine Curry

“I started exercising with Joy from The Fit and Food Connection more than 5 years ago. I was just healing from a medical complication and surgery. I knew that it was time to start getting healthy and started attending Joy’s weekly fitness class."

"She then started mentoring me on a One on One basis, taking me grocery shopping, educating me and showing me what healthy living looks like. As if that wasn't enough, she continued over the years to take me with her to all of her exercise classes throughout St. Louis. Not only have I lost over 40 pounds, I am helping others to get healthy and play an active role in helping Joy and The Fit and Food Connection at her Monday class. Joy even went to the doctor with me, and together we watched my numbers improve over time.”

-Marlisa Watson