Small Lifestyle Changes Have A Big Impact For Donna Troy

Donna Troy with her Empowerment Certificate. Small lifestyle changes had a big impact on Donna's health.

In the past eighteen months, Donna Troy has made big changes to her health: she’s lost weight and lessened her risk of diabetes. Donna, a human resources specialist and participant in the Fit and Food Connection’s (FAFC) GroupFit program, didn’t do anything radical to achieve her health goals. Rather, she made a series of small changes to her eating and exercise routines. Her experience is proof that every little bit helps; even small lifestyle changes have a big impact on our overall health.

Life Getting In The Way Of Fitness

Donna was an athlete in high school, participating in softball, basketball and track until a knee injury sidelined her. She was less active as an adult; her knee injury continued to trouble her and her job kept her in the office most days. Though she did walk with a co-worker, over time her sedentary life took a toll on her health. She found her weight creeping up and, more troubling, her doctor diagnosed her as pre-diabetic.

When she joined a friend at the Fit and Food Connection’s GroupFit class, led by FAFC founder Joy Millner, it was the beginning of Donna’s health turnaround. She credits the class, which includes interval training, core work and motivational thinking, with raising her awareness about her nutrition and exercise habits.

This seemingly small shift in awareness led Donna to look carefully at those habits, and she started making small lifestyle changes. Instead of having soda every day at work, for example, Donna now drinks green tea and has upped her daily water intake. She notes “I have cut the number of carbs I intake in a day … something Joy mentioned in class.” She found that Chinese food, once a regular part of her diet, caused her blood sugar to spike; now Donna enjoys Chinese food on special occasions only. Her exercise habits also underwent a change. In addition to the GroupFit class and walking, she has added on additional walking session and takes classes at a local gym with a coworker.

Success Through Small Lifestyle Changes

The results? Over the past year and a half, Donna has lost 15 pounds, and her knee is much improved. And, Donna notes, her A1c number, which provides information about a person’s average blood glucose levels, has dropped. Her lifestyle changes have lessened her risk of getting prediabetes and diabetes. She also achieved the Fit and Food Connection’s Empowerment Certification, a program that recognizes participants for meeting their fitness goals.

The Fit and Food Connection “is a great program … that tries to reach many people,” says Donna, and the seminars about fitness and nutrition “stand out as a particular value.” Donna has demonstrated how powerful raising awareness about fitness and nutrition can be. She’s made big changes in her health, though nothing she’s done has been extremely difficult or required extreme sacrifice. Donna’s success reveals that powerful and beneficial small tweaks to nutrition and exercise activities can lead to a big positive impact. Congratulations Donna!