Summer Cool Down: Exercises for the Water

July 18th, 2021

It’s hot these days, and you may be feeling extra unmotivated to get out in the heat to exercise and sweat!

Here’s a possible solution: Did you know that there are plenty of exercises to do in the water so you can stay cool that still give you the benefit of a workout? Not just swimming! In fact, exercising in the water can be especially good for those who struggle with injuries, joint pain, chronic conditions, or arthritis.

Here are ideas for cardio and strength-building workouts in your local pool, lake, swimming hole, river, or other body of water:

Cardio exercises in the water:
Do 20-30 minutes of these exercises – you can combine them if desired.
● Swimming; any stroke of your choice
● Walking or running in the water
● Water aerobics
● Water bicycle: moving your feet as if you were riding a bike
● Standing knee lifts marching in place
● Side stepping
● Jumping jacks

Strength-Building Exercises on the side of a pool or with something firm to hold onto:
Do 1-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions.
● Push-ups (holding onto edge on an incline)
● Tricep dips (pulling yourself in and out of the water using your arms)
● Leg lifts (pushing yourself down into the water and up again using your arms)
● Scissor kicks (scissoring your legs back and forth in the water)

Strength-building exercises in the water:
Do 1-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions.
● Squats
● Knee lifts
● Side lunges
● Arm and leg raises
● Arm and leg curls

Here’s to cooling off and getting fit in the water this July!

By: Katie Talarico