Tabata Workout

July 26th, 2020


At The Fit & Food Connection we believe that small changes yield big results. Tabatas are a short workout but pack a big healthy punch, which make them perfect for helping to accomplish your health goals. A Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that consists of sets of fast-paced exercises, each performed for a set amount of time with a set rest time in between. The most common tabata is eight rounds of 20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest (looks like 20:10 x8). The goal of a tabata is to work as hard as you can during the work and rest as much as you can during the rest. Tabatas are great for any fitness level and can be adjusted to fit however much or little time you have to work out. Here are some examples of tabatas to try:

Do each move for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest, alternating with the second move for a total of four times through of each move (20:10 x4)

  • Ex 1: Jumping Jacks (jumping or step outs) + Push Ups (regular or modified)
  • Ex 2: Burpees + Forearm Plank Hold
  • Ex 3: Squats or Squat Jumps + Tricep Dips
  • Ex 4: Lunges or Lunge Jumps + Bicycle Crunches

Another great thing about tabatas is that you can mix and match them to your desire! You could combine all four of these examples for a longer work out or pick one or two of them for a shorter work out. The main goal, no matter how long or short your tabata is, is to work as hard as you can during the exercise period to reap the most benefit.