Thank you to Enterprise Medical!

June 11th, 2016

Recently, the Fit and Food Connection received a kind donation of FAFC branded t-shirts from Enterprise Medical. These t-shirts have helped us with our marketing initiatives immensely. We would like to thank Enterprise Medical for their generosity.

Food Delivery Photo

BecauseĀ of this donation, Fit and Food Connection volunteers are now distinguishable from the general public who attend our events. These t-shirts help us to provide a more uniform andĀ consistent image at our classes, seminars, and during food pick-up and delivery. Something as simple as a t-shirt has been powerful enough to make our volunteers really feel more invested in our cause, and like they are truly a part of something bigger. We are a stronger, more united team with the aid of this donation.

Organic Food Garden Photo
Additionally, these t-shirts are helping us to promote the Fit and Food Connection to the general public. Wearing these shirts around town, outside of Fit and Food Connection events, is helping us to build interest and spread the work about our organization to people who otherwise would not have heard of the Fit and Food Connection. By having branded materials, including t-shirts, we have bettered our marketing efforts, and we are seen as a more professional organization.

Through this donation, Enterprise Medical has provided tremendous support to our cause. Donations like these t-shirts show how big of an impact unique, non-monetary donations can have on our organization. We appreciate every donation we receive, whether it is big or small, and whether it is a product, service, or a monetary donatioin. We cannot thank Enterprise Medical enough for their generosity. They are truly helping us change lives!

Enterprise Medical Thank You for your Donation

If you would like to donate to the Fit and Food Connection, please visit our Donations Page or contact us at