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The F&F Corner is the online extension of The Fit and Food Connection’s (FAFC) mission to provide healthy living resources to low income families throughout the greater St. Louis area. The FAFC believes that true holistic wellness comes from five things: Exercise, Nutrition, Stress/Sleep Management, Goal Setting, and positivity. Although we would love for everyone to be able to attend our events in person we know that your busy lifestyle might not always allow that. This is where the Fit and Food Corner comes in. This page contains resources that complement our in-person events and classes so that you have the resources to improve your health at the tips of your fingers.

The Fit & Food Connection

Winter Getting You Down?

By Jordan Petersen

Winter is here and so are the runny noses, candy filled celebrations, and snowy grounds. Try to avoid the Winter sniffles by following the tips...

The Fit & Food Connection

National Osteoporosis Month

May is National Osteoporosis Month. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, about 54 million Americans have osteoporosis and low bone density, sometimes called osteopenia. Osteoporosis...

Thank you, Luxco!

The Fit and Food Connection has come a long way since it's beginning, and none of it would have been possible without the tremendous support of our donors, parteners, sponsors, and friends. Not...

Thank you to Enterprise Medical!

Recently, the Fit and Food Connection received a kind donation of FAFC branded t-shirts from Enterprise Medical. These t-shirts have helped us with our marketing initiatives immensely. We would...

The Fit & Food Connection

Goal Setting Tracker

As we are now mid way through February, you may be feeling the pressure of your New Year's Resolution weighing you down. The Fit and Food Corner is here to remind you YOU'VE GOT THIS! Need a...

Chopping Board with Veggies

Veggie Egg Bake

By Gloria Stoverink

Add some veggies to your Christmas morning with this make-ahead Veggie Egg Bake.


Breathing Exercises

By Megan Schultz

Looking for a way to find relaxation through breathing but not sure where to start? This is the place to begin!

Deep breathing is a great way to reduce stress in your...

February is National Heart Month. Learn how to lower your risk of heart disease.

Five Ways to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

February is the month for hearts – chocolate hearts, Valentine’s Day hearts, and most importantly, our own heart. In fact, February is American Heart Month – a federally designated month-long event created to help raise awareness about heart disease and prevention.