Your Bedtime Routine

September 13th, 2020

The research on the importance of sleep is everywhere. But just because we know it’s a key aspect of our health doesn’t mean that  it’s always easy to achieve. Here are some simple tips to help improve your bedtime routine and make getting to sleep easier.

  1. Put the phone down and try reading an actual book instead
  2. Drink a cup of herbal tea while you’re winding down. If it’s too hot for hot tea, try making it iced
  3. Write down the things that are on your mind to help alleviate the stress and remind yourself of what you want to get done the next day and therefore hopefully put your mind a little more at ease
  4. Set your room up for success- the human body gets its  best rest  in dark, cool places. So turn off the TV, close the blinds, and, if possible, turn down the thermostat before going to sleep
  5. Figure out if you are someone who likes a little background noise. Skip the TV sounds and find a fan instead; this will help keep you cool and drown out any unwanted noise.
  6. Have a consistent bedtime and wake up time whenever possible. If that sounds like a big adjustment for you, try focusing on just one of them and once you get that down you can work on the other.
  7. Form a bedtime routine that works for you, one that signals to your body that it’s time to wind down for the day. For me this looks like a cup of tea, sharing what I’m grateful for that day with my husband, applying lavender scented lotion, and reading in bed before going to sleep.
  8. Drinking in moderation is okay, but keep in mind that alcohol has a big negative impact on our sleep. It may make you fall asleep easier, but severely diminishes the quality of our sleep, leaving you feeling tired and not refreshed in the morning.